Omega Performance in 90 Seconds - Credit and Sales Training for Financial Institutions

The success of your bank is closely connected to the trust your employees earn from customers. To differentiate your bank from the competition, your people must understand fundamental credit principles and apply that knowledge consistently. But your staff has a wide range of learning styles and experience levels, requiring targeted training that is practical, scalable, and sustainable.

As bankers and trainers since 1976, Omega Performance has partnered with financial institutions of all shapes and sizes to develop integrated credit and conversation training programs that are relevant, credible, and effective – made possible through our proven blended learning framework.

From our interactive, self-paced e-learning courses that help your people thoroughly understand the credit needs of your customers, to our Coaching and Mentoring Toolkits that equip your internal coaches with the tools they need to cultivate an environment of best practices and differentiation, and our facilitator-led Skills Application Labs that provide your staff the opportunity to practice applying their skills through hands-on case study sessions, we have solutions that can help your financial services organization be more successful.

Our customers are enabled to make more informed training decisions by accessing real-time training data such as course progress and test results through our Training Analytics reporting platform. With Omega Performance, your employees will better understand your customers, be able to apply that knowledge effectively, and consistently differentiate your bank in order to win more profitable business. Elevate your people to the next level, with Omega Performance.